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What People Are Saying About Tummy Zip


At Tummy Zip, we are only happy when our clients are. So we are particularly thrilled when we receive a few words from our amazing squad...



"Having four children in quick succession played havoc on my abdominal muscles. My first children were twins after which my stomach never really recovered. As a woman who fits into a size 10, it's most upsetting when people ask you when you're expecting when you are not pregnant and when you try on clothes which otherwise fit well but you end up not buying because they accentuate your stomach. After subsequent back problems due to my loss of muscle strength, I was advised a tummy tuck may be my best option to correct my diastasis and regain my core strength. While looking into this I came across Tummy Zip. I thought I would give it a go in a last ditch effort before contacting a surgeon.

When I met with Laura she was extremely positive and helpful and gave me hope that I would one day get my muscles back in shape. Over the course of my time with Tummy Zip, I managed to achieve a waist measurement loss of 9cm and restored much of my core strength which has made a significant improvement to my back complaint.

I can't recommend Laura and Tummy Zip highly enough for anyone who is suffering from a diastasis. Laura has genuine interest in achieving the best results possible for her clients. The class environment is extremely supportive and it's great to see the results of your fellow class members over the duration of the course.

Thanks Laura."



"Thanks for helping my mum lose 15cm off her belly, improve her posture and strengthen her core abdominal muscles in 6 weeks all in the privacy of her own home! She is VERY happy with the results and I am so grateful for the help and support you provided her!! Thanks again, you are wonderful." xxx



"Fantastic program - I can't believe something so easy can have such great results. I wish I had done this earlier. Great support the whole way. Laura, you are a legend!"



"This program has been so positive for my general health and well being. Laura you have been a wonderful facilitator who has been most approachable and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you."



Hi Laura,

From the 22nd of May to today (1st of June), I have lost 4 inches!  I am telling everybody about it and have even made it my Facebook status! I am just so thrilled and everyone has noticed it on me too.  I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!



"I was amazed at how weak I was before the program and how unhappy I was.  It really only took days before I could feel myself understanding how to change and become stronger."



"Tummy Zip has allowed me to feel confident again in my clothes and not feel I have to dress around my tummy. Thanks Laura for your expertise and encouragement which has motivated me to keep going and I know my achievement means a healthier and stronger active life."



"My waist is smaller and my tummy bulge is noticeably diminishing! I have found it empowering to learn that I can fix my tummy myself - thanks Laura!"



"I have not had any pain killers for my back pain since starting the Tummy Zip program whereas before I was taking them every second day. I am doing housework again for the first time in 7 years which has made both my husband and I so very happy. I am now able to sit on the floor and play with my kids which I have never been able to do. I am also enjoying bathing my kids rather than getting angry due to back pain. The Tummy Zip program has changed my life so on behalf of my family and myself, a BIG THANK YOU!" 



"I have been very happy with my results from the Tummy Zip program. In conjunction with the exercises, the presentation on nutrition and diet were inspiring and helped me loose weight along with toning and strengthening my tummy."



"The presentations are informative, clear and easy to understand. The exercises are simple and easy to incorporate into daily life. Laura, your passion to help people understand is amazing and helps to keep the motivation going. Thank you!"



Thanks Laura, I feel great & I haven't had serious back pain since doing the Tummy Zip course & as soon as I get a niggle I get back on the exercises & it's gone. I have even been mowing the lawn, I haven't been able to do that for 7 years since injuring my back & I never would have been able to complete this challenge without your help. My family & I are truly grateful to Tummy Zip (no more cranky mummy) xxx



The Tummy Zip Program has helped me feel more confident now. I no longer have to hold my tummy in or wear tummy slimming underwear. The exercises are easy to incorporate into my daily life. Laura has provided me with tools I can look forward to using as part of my lifestyle.



The thought of going to Tummy Zip was confronting but I'm so glad I did. Laura is so approachable, non-judgemental, motivating and I'm getting results! I'm not perfect at doing all the exercises all the time, but this is a program I'll be doing for the rest of my life.



 As a new mother to a 2 month old, finding time to get back in shape is very hard to find. But the Tummy Zip Program has been fantastic, easy to do while feeding or playing with my son and the results are fantastic! I am feeling more and more like my old self. Thank you Tummy Zip!



I tried several diastasis programs and this is the only one that produced measurable visible improvement. I looked better after 1 week! It is much easier to motivate yourself when you can see results. Laura was great, very helpful.



Like most mums, after having kids my priorities changed drastically. I was no longer my first priority. I began to feel sluggish, unmotivated and lacking self confidence. I would often cry when dressing as my tummy would protrude further than my breasts. I suffered crippling back pain every couple of months because of my weak muscles. Family and friends would say "It doesn't matter, wear it proudly like 'battle scars'". But it mattered to me. After considering surgery, I came across Tummy Zip. And by far it's one of the best life changes I've ever made! Within a few weeks, I could not only feel the difference, but I could see it! It was truly amazing! Thanks to the support of Laura, I have newfound confidence, motivation and determination to be fit and healthy again- and look it! The exercises are extremely manageable even with two young children...and the results speak for themselves! Laura you are truly an inspiration...thank you!!!



Hi Laura
I just want to thank you again for the Tummy Zip 6 Week Program I am totally ecstatic with my new tummy. In the last 6 weeks since I started I have not had a back ache or any neck pain which was constant prior to the program. I feel extremely confident and will actually be happy to wear bikinis this summer. My Diastasis has closed from a 7 down to a 3 so I'm very happy with these results in such little time. I've had an overall improvement in my digestion and my core strength is like never before. My posture has also improved. Thank you again and I will and have recommended the program to my friends and family.


I've had back problems for many years and was always told to "strengthen my core" - whatever that means! I've tried osteopathy, pilates, every crunch and abdominal exercise you can think of, not knowing that I was making my diastasis worse. A couple of physiotherapists told me that surgery was the only option. Then I heard about Tummy Zip. I am amazed and delighted with the results - a stronger back and less lower back pain and a flat tummy too. I'm going to continue with the program to improve my results. Thanks Laura, you've been fantastic! 



The Tummy Zip Program has been life changing. Before I started, I had constant neck and head pain and took pain-killers every single day. I even went to the doctor and asked what I should do (as I knew the pain was caused by the separation of my stomach muscles), but the doctor didn't have a clue. I was completely pain free after only 3 days on the program and have remained so ever since. I have also lost centimeters from my tummy, hips and waist and finally fit in my old jeans; and after 16 months, can finally throw away my maternity clothes! Thank you Tummy Zip.