Your Instructor: Laura

Tummy Zip Program Overview

Melbourne, Australia


Consultation 1 (Day One)

Do you have a diastasis? This may be causing your “mummy tummy" or for guys, may be a cause of their "beer gut".   Just 15-30 min a day is required for a flatter tummy and a smaller waist with the ground breaking Tupler Technique® Exercise Therapy Program. No sweating, no dieting and no gym memberships!

In this 1.5 hour consultation we will analyze your diastasis. We will tell you the size of your diastasis and the condition of your connective tissue. You will also learn how to check yourself for a diastasis. You will learn exactly what you need to do to close your diastasis. You will be given your Tummy Zip Pack which includes your DVD, splint and exercise guidebook.

The four steps of the Tupler Technique® will be taught:

  1. Seated Exercises: You will learn the correct way to belly breathe and the  Tupler Technique® seated exercises (Elevator & Contracting);
  2. Splinting: Clients will be taught the importance of wearing the abdominal splint and the details of how and when to do this;
  3. Engaging Core Muscles: Clients will learn how to incorporate the core muscle into their activities of daily living; and
  4. Getting up and Down Correctly from the following positions will be taught:
    • Back-lying to seated and seated to back-lying,
    • Seated to standing and standing to seated.

The size of your diastasis and circumference of your tummy will be measured. These measurements will be recorded. Your Before Photos will be taken and emailed to you. 


Consultation 2 (End of Week Three)

Clients come to this consultation with a strengthened core muscle.  Progress measurements of your diastasis and tummy will be recorded and the following will be worked on:

  1. Progression of seated exercises
  2. Double splinting (wearing and holding a splint while doing the seated exercises)
  3. Two additional exercises will be demonstrated and taught - Headlifts & TZ Bridge
  4. Your 3 Week Progress Photos will be taken and emailed to you
  5. Opportunity to discuss progression and application of exercises 





Consultation 3 (End of Week Six) 

The size of your diastasis and tummy will again be measured and recorded and the following will be discussed and demonstrated:

  1. Guidelines for incorporating the Tupler Technique® into any workout provided
  2. A specially tailored "diastasis friendly" exercise routine will be demonstrated & emailed to you
  3. Your 'after photos' will be taken and emailed to you

The ultimate goal is you will be able to incorporate the Tupler Technique® into your regular daily lifestyle and exercise preferences and continue to improve and/or maintain the strength of your abdomen forever.