Your Instructor: Laura

Your Diastasis Specialist:    

Laura Schuwalow


Laura Schuwalow (B.Ed, LLB) has a life long involvement in sport and fitness. Laura has been practicing the martial art of Shukokai Karate over the past 20 years and is currently a 3rd degree Black Belt, instructing junior and senior classes. Laura also competed in track and field athletics, cross country and road running races at state and national levels over a 12 year period winning many state running titles and numerous state and national placings.  

Fitness, (through weight training, cross training, resistance training, running and martial arts) and healthy eating is a part of her every day life. A wealth of knowledge has been gained over many years of both structured professional pursuits and personal trial. Laura is a qualified secondary school teacher with a Bachelor of Education and Health Major. She also holds a Bachelor of Laws and has been lecturing and tutoring at University level in Business Law since 2000.

As a mother to 4 girls, Laura was most conscious of her tummy. She was determined to regain her waist and flat tummy following the birth of each of her children. However despite completing thousands of abdominal exercises including sit ups, incline sit ups, medicine ball sit ups and crunches, leg walks, leg pull ups, cable crunches etc, Laura was devastated to realise that her tummy only seemed to be in an even worse condition! She was so frustrated but refused to accept that a flat toned tummy was no longer attainable. Surrendering herself to radical and aggressive tummy tuck surgery was out of the question.

Finally in 2010 while searching the internet, Laura found reference to an exercise therapy technique that claimed to heal a condition called Diastasis Recti - a separation of the abdominal muscles. Upon further investigation, Laura was convinced that she had a Diastasis and that the Tupler Technique® exercise therapy was the answer she had been searching for.

Laura immediatly enrolled in a series of private workshops and began to see results within 1 week! At the end of the 6 week program, she had lost an astonishing 5 inches (12.5 cm) from around her tummy, had a flatter and toned tummy, improved overall posture and increased strength in her lower back. Laura found that these changes made such a difference to her everyday life and realised that the Tupler Technique® exercise therapy was the missing link for those wishing to gain or regain a stronger abdominal region.

The natural progression was for Laura to become qualified to spread the word. In order to do this, she decided to approach Julie Tupler, a truly unique and inspirational lady, and become licensed in the Tupler Technique®. Following an intensive home study period, Laura travelled to New York to train with Julie and satisfy the requirements for extensive written and practical exams. Through Tummy Zip, Laura is excited to bring this ground-breaking diastasis treatment program to the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. 


Laura Schuwalow is a licensee on the Tupler Technique Team having gone through an intensive training program and been taught and tested personally by Julie Tupler, RN, founder of the  Tupler Technique®. After their training, Julie continues to support her Team on an ongoing basis providing updated continuing education on all aspects of the Tupler Technique®

You can thus expect that your Tummy Zip instructor is an expert on the Tupler Technique®  
programs and will teach these programs on an individual or group basis.