Your Instructor: Laura

"Thanks for helping my mum lose 15cm off her belly, improve her posture and strengthen her core abdominal muscles in 6 weeks all in the privacy of her own home! She is VERY happy with the results and I am so grateful for the help and support you provided her!! Thanks again, you are wonderful." xxx

"Fantastic program - I can't believe something so easy can have such great results. I wish I had done this earlier. Great support the whole way. Laura, you are a legend!"


"This program has been so positive for my general health and well being. Laura you have been a wonderful facilitator who has been most approachable and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you."


"By doing the Tupler Technique® exercises everyday, not only will your mummy tummy go away, that aching baby back will also disappear. You may not feel like a supermodel, but you'll sure feel like a super mum!"

- Elle Macpherson,     

Model, Actress, Business Woman & Mum


 Diastasis Treatment Program now available 

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6 Week Tummy Transformation Programs



Lose your tummy

No surgery

No crunches


  • Achieve a flatter tummy, smaller waist & a stronger core  

  • Heals and closes separated abdominal muscles   

  • Greatly improved posture & support for the spine
  • Safe & extremely effective exercise pre & post pregnancy
  • Excellent preparation & recovery from abdominal surgery
  • No sit-ups, no crunches, no abdominal machines - ever again! 
  • It is never too late - suitable for women & men of any age